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Solar Energy

Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Outdoor Lighting

Combining the wind and the sun into comprehensive, standalone, and elegant solutions.


What can a Rabtek solution do for you? Start here and see!


Learn how our streetlights combine the wind and the sun into a reliable system.

Surpass Your Sustainability Goals

Our hybrid and solar-only models operate entirely off the grid, capturing the power freely available from the wind and sun for an efficient LED to use.

Versatility - Reach new locations

UGE lighting solutions can be installed in remote locations which are inaccessible to the electric grid.

Lower your costs

Avoid the high cost of wiring grid-connected lighting. Pour the foundation, install your streetlamps, and watch them go when you turn on the switch, while avoiding the uncertainty of variable and increasing electricity rates.

Reliability - Sit back and relax

With five days of battery back-up power, you will have one less concern if the sun stops shining and the wind stops blowing!


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